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Welcome to InfiSwipe, where your credit card is more than just a piece of metal – it's a gateway to an exclusive world of creativity and rewards. Our mission is to bridge the gap between creators and their fans, creating a lasting connection like never before.

one of a kind rewards

Exclusive Merchandise: Get access to limited-edition merchandise, autographed items, and collector's editions created by your favorite creator

Behind-the-Scenes Access: Gain VIP access to behind-the-scenes content, live streams, and sneak peeks of their latest projects.

Unique Collaborations: Be the first to know about and participate in collaborations between your creator and other influencers and artists.

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By using the co-branded credit card, the audience not only gains access to the creator's exclusive rewards but also contributes to their financial success. A portion of each transaction goes back to the creator, empowering them to continue their creative endeavors.

audience engagment

The credit card becomes a conversation starter, allowing creators to strengthen their bond with their audience. Supporters feel more connected as they actively participate in their favorite creator's journey.

financial independence

Gain greater financial independence, allowing you to invest more in your creative projects and pursuits. By earning a percentage of interchange fees, you not only monetize your content but also establish a consistent and passive income source.

security is our priority

InfiSwipe ensures that all your personal data and transactions are encrypted, and secured so what’s yours remains only yours. there’s no room for mistakes because we didn’t leave any.

Keeping you protected

Multi-layer security safeguards you against unauthorised transactions.

Secure Network

We use a payment network that’s designed to be secure and smart.

Safer than cash

When it comes to peace of mind, there’s no better way to pay than with InfiSwipe card.

Fraud alerts

Add your mobile phone number to your account to automatically get alerts

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InfiSwipe's Creator Credit Card Program is a game-changer for creators looking to strengthen their financial independence and engage more deeply with their audience. It's an opportunity for both creators and their supporters to share in the creative journey, making it a win-win collaboration that celebrates artistry, entrepreneurship, and community building.

Ready to transform your relationship with your audience through the power of a co-branded credit card? Join InfiSwipe's Creator Credit Card Program today and unlock a new world of financial possibilities.

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"this is a great app loaded with functionality and simplicity yet elegant and intuitive. a must have for the plastic money users. keeps me in financial discipline and helps me take the billing and payment worries out of my mind"

ranesh bhattacharya

"in love! such a seamless user experience, smooth as freshly waxed pair of legs! very intuitive and easy to use application. good job people, good job."

parul mehra

"great app, paying dues of credit card was never that much easy and fast. few more rewarding features also available there like showing credit score, can easily pay rent, getting cashback whenever paying cc dues. lots more. i really loves cred."

sanjeev kataria